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    Thanks to our work, we have come to contact with lots of excellent new lecturers and current hot lecturers. They have little difference in competence, but lack of opportunities, which is that once or even now, there is a professional organization, not person, which is making large efforts to case himself to make him more popularized. Training Online has possessed such resources, we offer warm and sincere welcome to those potential High-quality teachers to join our plan, to turn the wheel which is forced by the opportunity.

*、Free promotion to lecturers

 1 .Lecturers are welcome to join the Special Offer Activity in September for free: they are publicized and popularized on the first page and main position of the web page. By the way, the special offer doesn't mean to reduce the benefits of the lecturers.
 2. We will hold a promotion conference for the lecturer for free, and Invite training online customer services, 20 peer institutions, more than 10 Human Resources Departments, and to issue the teacher's latest courses in 2009.
 3. We will make the teacher one of the top ten lecturers in his field, and strongly recommend to customers and fellows.
 4.Other promotion: promotion on the internet, including pay promotion on Baidu and Google engine, contacts with CD making organizations and so on.


**、The lecturers' supports

1. Month campaign focused on the month's business lecturer normal price is lower than the price, such as lecturers normal market price of 12,000 per day, the price in the promotion of business during the 8000-9000 per day, most of the benefits of this price only pay the deposit can be enjoyed on , had complete recovery lecturer price concession. Lecturers in training activities online discount price must be advantage.
2. When we are holding the promotion conference, we will organize the space, the promotion service for meeting and etc, but no more rewards. However, the lecturers can sell their tickets in the promotion conference, but can't provide the equal benefits to those competitive online training organization and media. The name list of promotion conference will be given to lecturers.
3. The formation of the promotion conference:
Num Come from Number of people Remarks Expense
1 Responsible person of the training organization 20 The more, the better. free
2 Human Resources 10 The more, the better. free
3 Online training customers 15 Based on the facts. free
4 Applicants online 20 Former 20 people free
5 Applicants online 20-50 Based on the facts. 100-200RMB
6 From the lecturer 10 Based on the facts. Up to the lecturer

4. Within the 6 months of the promotion conference, the lecturer should provide a price of the privilege to the teacher union, so that there can be profit margin when the teacher union promotes to their fellows.
***、The requests of the best promotion lecturers
1. Worth 8000-25000 RMB per day in markets.
2. Have more than 2 years' teaching experience, and be identifed with the market.
3. Have good records and sincerely be willing to cooperate with our organisation.
4. The amount of the courses in a year is up to 10%-40%.
5. Be identified with training online, and be willing to participate in the online training.
****、The organisation and application of the promotion
1. To recruit excellent potential lecturers within the whole year, emphasising on the months before May.
2. According to the requsts of the hotpots, we'll strongly recommend 3 lecturers every month.
3. We'll choose to promote different subjects due to the participants, and organise a promotion conference every month.
4. The promotion on the internet and other means will be carried out a month before the promotion conference.


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